March 2018.  We are beginning our concert/vocal unit in music.  Students are working on memorizing and performing various pieces of music from the Disney collection.  The concert will be May 10 in the evening at the high school.  More information will follow closer to the date. 


March 2018.  4th grade students are working on fine motor skills in drawing contour lines in small spaces.  They are also working on their understanding of the principal of balance in their artwork.   The major project for this month will be a organic shape and line collage  that echos the artwork of Alexander Calder's "Glacier with Coloured Petals"

drama club.......

  Image result for drama masks  A field trip is scheduled for March 28 to the Beverly Performing Arts Center to see "Cinderella".  Students will need to bring a bag lunch and beverage to school that day since they will be returning to school after their scheduled lunchtime.