Students have begun working on their holiday concert music.
Each day music that has been introduced will be reviewed and new parts added.
Daily participation is a must.
Assessments will include singing a portion of each song, and playing 6-8 measures of their recorder song.
They should continue to work on memorizing their recorder piece, "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"
A few of their songs are on 'youtube' and they can work/sing along with the accompaniment if they wish. 


10/17     5th grade Art classes will meet until the 2nd semester.  
 We are working on color schemes , watercolor control and design in our 'Desert Cactus" project.  
 The first part of this project has been finished, and while these are being graded, the students are working on designing a sugar skull as part of our cultural celebration project

 The projects themselves will not come home for a while since the students are being invited to choose their favorite art projects to be exhibited in an Art Show sponsored by the PTO.

drama club.......

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 The cast list has been posted for "Alice".  

The select rehearsal schedule starts on Thursday, September 21, and students will only attend the rehearsals they are scheduled for until after October 24. The schedule is attached below. 

We will have a rehearsal on every evening the week of November 6 except for that Friday.   This is because we will have NO rehearsals the previous week due to early release and PT conferences. 

 Our  performance date is Friday, November 10.   There will be two performances here at PIC that evening.   The A cast will perform at 6:15 PM and the B cast will perform at 7:15.   The cast list is below.

The information update and schedule are attached below. 

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