4th grade Music classes are beginning work on reading and playing music from a music staff.    Recorders, notebooks, pencils and any sheet music that has been handed out are necessary for each day of class.  
Students are awarded 10 points for the day when they come prepared with all their materials and participate in class. Please remind students to always store their recorder and music(in their music folder) in their school backpack after practicing at home, so these are always at school when needed. 
Points are lost when supplies are missing, so keeping up with recorders and music is highly stressed in class.  Points can also be lost by students being disruptive in class.  Classes have started well and it's going to be a great year!  Music will continue through the 2nd quarter, and then 4th grade classes will be meeting for Art.

9/19  Students are currently working on reading and playing music containing the notes B A G.  A favorite by far is B A B A Blues.  Accompaniment can be found on youtube.  Students should be practicing something each evening to become more fluent in reading and playing. 


5th grade Art classes will meet until the 2nd semester.   We are working on color schemes and  blending oil pastels on our project "The Blazing Banyon Tree".  The projects themselves will not come home for a while since the students are being invited to choose their favorite art projects to be exhibited in an Art Show sponsored by the PTO, and it is pretty certain many of them will choose this particular project.   Assessment rubrics will come home with the students once each project is completed.  This should be around the end of September. 
Our next project will carry forward our work on blending skills using watercolor this time.  Desert Cactus will provide work on design and introduce an easy way to watercolor using water soluable markers.  

drama club.......

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 The cast list has been posted for "Alice".  

The select rehearsal schedule starts on Thursday, September 21, and students will only attend the rehearsals they are scheduled for until after October 24. The schedule is attached below. 

We will have a rehearsal on every evening the week of November 6 except for that Friday.   This is because we will have NO rehearsals the previous week due to early release and PT conferences. 

 Our  performance date is Friday, November 10.   There will be two performances here at PIC that evening. 
Costume ideas are attached. 

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